Stacey Altoft’s fashion creative work

Mitsubishi car design – at Darlington College, Joint first winner, 2008.

The Mitsubishi car design competition was based on a theme either darlington/Mitsubishi.   The design I created was based on the Mitsubishi theme by using the logo as inspiration by make two repeats of the logo but reflecting one, which created a star shape.  The colours were based on the Misubishi colour theme of the logo.  I created the shape by using Adobe Illustrator and the image was repeated several times by using different scales.  The way I placed the designs around the car was inpired by the fast and furious movies, as I watched how the racing cars show their style by using patterns and different types of colours being placed on top of the cars.


Hats created at Darlington College 2008.

These hats were created for the Mayors Ball in Darlington.  The pink version was based on the theme at the Racecourse racing and the red version was based on the Murder of the Oriental Express movie.

Created by Stacey Altoft. Lauren Sara Medcalf, 2009 from CCAD.

This was one of the first ever quick projects by creating a pattern on the stand “Moulage”.  Me and Lauren were a team ehich created a dress for a night out on the tiles and cause we had extra time to use we created an handbag.

Created By Stacey Altoft in 2011 at CCAD.

This Jacket was part of my production project by learning the tailoring techniques.  I created a jacket which was based on the Sherlock Holmes movie by including the cape.  The fabric was bought from Linton Tweeds, which showed I used two types of fabrics.


Created By Stacey Altoft, FMP – Based on Rococo and Baroque, 2011 at CCAD

This collection was based on the theme “Rococo and Baroque”, the inspiration was taken from Bowes Museums, Barnard Castle and the Marie Antoinette movie.


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